Month: June 2018

Money Judgments from Breach of Lease

Money Judgments Resulting from Breach of a Residential Lease between Landlord and Tenant Ben-Davies v. Blibaum & Assocs., P.A., 457 Md. 228, 177 A.3d 681 (2018) In a lengthy opinion, the Court of Appeals of Maryland held that, where landlord sues tenant for breach of contract based on residential lease, and the trial court enters judgment in landlord’s favor against tenant that includes damages for unpaid rent and other expenses, a post-judgment interest rate of 6% applies pursuant to Md. Code Ann., Cts. & Jud. Proc. (1974, 2013 Repl. Vol.) 11-107(b). The case arrived at the Court of Appeals with amicus briefs filed on behalf of the Appellant tenant by Civil Justice, Inc., the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, and the Public Justice Center. At issue was a residential apartment lease which had ended after the residence was prematurely vacated. The landlord’s representative sued the tenant in contract for breach of

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