Month: September 2018

MD Construction Subcontractors Beware!

Maryland Construction Subcontractors Beware The Maryland Construction Trust Statute Does Not Apply to Everyone C & B Constr., Inc. v. Dashiell, No. 76, SEPT.TERM,2017, 2018 WL 3619390, at *2 (Md. July 30, 2018) The Court of Appeals has reaffirmed that subcontractors on construction sites in the State of Maryland have an uphill battle when it comes to holding general contractors accountable under the Maryland Construction Trust Statue. As previously held by the COA, the purpose of the Construction Trust Statute was to protect subcontractors from dishonest practices by general contractors and other subcontractors for whom they might work. In keeping with the purpose to ensure that funds disbursed by an owner or contractor for payment to a subcontractor for work done are paid to the subcontractor, the statute imposed personal liability on the directors, officers, and managing agents of a contractor corporation when they improperly use the funds held in

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