Construction Litigation

The construction industry is one of the largest in the United States and has contributed to the non-stop growth across the country, since World War II. In many cities, the demand for homes, apartments, commercial, and industrial buildings has outpaced the supply. Often the rush to complete projects, the reduction or elimination of trade apprenticeship programs and a variety of other factors can result in defective residential and commercial construction. Construction defects arise from poor workmanship, improper design, faulty materials or soil and slope instability, and affect habitability and cause a decrease in value. Increased costs are incurred to repair the damage and harm caused. Defects fall into two categories. Certain defects, such as water intrusion, cracks in exterior stucco or interior drywall, leaky windows, doors or roofs, are called patent defects. Other defects, referred to as latent defects, are those that may be hidden and surface over time. Latent defects include plumbing and electrical system problems, toxic mold, sagging floors, and heating and cooling mechanism failures. At Wise & Donahue, our attorneys handle a broad scope of construction defect cases including:

  • Soil Movement
  • Design Defects
  • Poor Workmanship
  • Road & Infrastructure Problems
  • Sick Building Claims
  • Toxic Mold Litigation
  • Consumer Protection Issues
  • Warranty of Habitability

We represent developers, general contractors, subcontractors, designers, and material manufacturers and their surety companies. When you have a construction defects issue, before pursuing expensive and time consuming litigation, we encourage negotiations, and alternative dispute resolution. If an acceptable agreement to correct the defect(s) cannot be reached, attorneys at Wise & Donahue are prepared to protect your interests and advance your claims. With highly recognized construction litigation experience and with our engineering backgrounds, our construction attorney in fairfax va have both the technical knowledge and exceptional legal skills to prosecute complex, multi party construction defect litigation. When you need trusted legal advice to resolve a construction defect claim, we invite you to call Wise & Donahue Law Firm to learn how we can benefit you and your company.

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